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Parking permits

Here you can find out how to apply for or renew parking permits, including the School Streets permit.

Permit renewal start dates: If you received a reminder to renew your permit, please select your start date carefully. It should be the day after your existing permit expires. For example, if your permit expires on the 16th February, you should select a start date of 17th February.

We issue a number of permits for use in Calderdale for residents, non-residents and commuters.

These are:

Access only permits

Prohibition of Driving (POD)/Entry (POE) permits. Issued to comply with road/street restrictions (paper permits). Please note: These are not parking permits.

School street permits. Issued in order to drive along/through a School Street during restricted times (paper permit). Please note: This is not a parking permit.

There is not an automatic right to some permits. The issue of these depends on certain criteria being met, such as:

  • Whether you live in a Resident Permit Zone, with no alternative parking.
  • Whether you live on a road/street affected by a School Street restriction.

Virtual permits

These are now available for some permit types. They are quicker and easier to apply for and are more flexible in how you can use them.

The benefits

  • Easier to apply for a permit. Manage, renew and pay online anytime, with no need to contact us.
  • No £25 fee charge to replace a permit. This is done through your account.
  • Realtime Information. Our enforcement team can check if a vehicle has a permit by putting the registration number into their handheld device.
  • Multiple permits. You can apply and pay for multiple permits in one transaction.
  • Improved timescales. You do not need to wait for it to arrive in the post, it can be used right away.
  • Better for the environment by not printing paper permits.
  • Much less chance of fraud, as they cannot be copied or altered.
  • Less risk of a permit being lost or stolen.
  • Less risk of getting a Penalty Charge Notice. No permit to forget to display or that can fall from the windscreen.
  • Improved management of permit changes within your account. This covers change of vehicle, cancel permit or change your personal details. Most changes are effective right away.
  • Automatic permit renewal reminders will be sent before a permit expires.

It has not been possible to virtualise all permit types and some are still paper only. Most issued to specific vehicle registration numbers are now virtual permits.

Paper permits

These will still be used when there is a need to display a permit to prove eligibility, for:

  • Access.
  • Visitor parking in a Resident Permit Zone (RPZ).

You can apply for and manage these with a permit account.

  • These are posted out to be clearly put on display in a vehicle.
  • They are not linked to a vehicle registration and the details will not show on an Enforcement Officer's handheld device.
  • An admin fee of £25 will apply to replace a permit.

Important notes:

  • Failure to clearly display permits may result in a Penalty Charge Notice/Fixed Penalty Notice.
  • All permits issued via the existing permit system will stay under the previous terms and conditions. These must be clearly visible in the vehicle until the expiry.

Create an account

To apply for a permit using the new system, you will need to create an account. For this, you will need to:

  • Enter a valid email address.
  • Create a password.

An email will be sent to your chosen email that requires you to activate the account.

You will need to choose an account type:

Create a permit account

Apply for a permit

Once you have created an account you can then apply for your chosen permit(s).

Only permits that are applicable to your account type address will be available for selection. For example, only resident permits will show if your property is eligible for Resident/Visitor permits.

Apply for a new permit

Renew a permit

Please take care when you select your start date, which should be the day after your current permit ends. For example, your permit expires 30th November, the renewal start date is 1st December.

There is no automatic renewal of a permit. The account holders is responsible for making sure their permit(s) is renewed in a timely manner.

A reminder email will be sent to the account holders' email address, around 28 days before it is due to expire

Renew a permit

Privacy notice

For details of how we use the information that you give us, please read: Parking permit applications - privacy notice

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